High Frequency and Redundant Cores


In computing, common sense says that the more CPUs you have at your disposal, the faster your machine will complete its tasks and the more productive you will be. In reality, the ability of a software application to take advantage of multiple CPU cores is dictated by whether the application is single threaded or multi-threaded. Most of you are familiar with this concept, but we think it’s worth digging a little deeper into how this affects CAD applications. Continue reading

More Cores. New Chassis.

This week Intel launched their new Ivy Bridge E processors. This update opens up a wide variety of configuration options for users of multi-threaded applications. BOXX is now offering single CPU systems with up to 12 cores and dual CPU workstations and render nodes with up to 24 cores.

For visual effects artists, this means more cores. More cores mean more buckets and more buckets mean completing more frames in less time.

For engineers this means decreased simulation times and faster visualization of complex data sets.

New Chassis Design
CPU options aren’t the only thing getting refreshed at BOXX this week. As many of you know, BOXX designs and builds all of our custom chassis right here in Austin, TX. This week we unveiled a new design that replaces several of our single CPU and dual CPU workstations.

The new chassis design is currently implemented in the following models:
3DBOXX 49203DBOXX 49253DBOXX 8920 

New  features include:

Liquid Cooling Only

1x External Bay

4x 3.5 Internal Bays (8 2.5)

2x 2.5 Internal Bays

9x I/O Slots

Rack mount Optional

4U: 6.85″w x 18″h x 20.2″d

For more information on BOXX workstations and render farms, please visit www.boxx.com or call 512-835-0400