Timeless Designer

Whether traveling backward, forward, or parallel, acclaimed concept designer and author Daniel Simon is running on all cylinders.

By John Vondrak

The Timeless Racer

Daniel Simon loves machines. He is intrigued by how they work and consumed by how they look. For many vehicle designers and aficionados of transportation modes, his affection is not uncommon. As children, my late brother and I were obsessed with aircraft. His—World War II era, while I, to this day and from the most basic line drawing, can easily identify all forms of World War I airplanes. Both of us were (and I remain) 60’s Mopar muscle car enthusiasts. Admittedly, our love of machines is not entirely unique, but when you listen to Daniel Simon speak about them, the full-throttled passion you hear in his voice is. To him, a vehicle is not merely something you drive, sail, or fly from point A to point B. And it’s also more than just a work of art.  These machines are part of a universal story—an integral part. So for Daniel Simon, vehicle designer, the only thing he enjoys as much as creating fantastic looking machines, is crafting the back story that accompanies them. Continue reading