Small Business Upgrades to Reliable, High-Performance Intel® Xeon®Processor-based Workstations to Satisfy Complex 3D Animation Needs

Intel, BOXX Technologies* and Caffelli* collaborated to deploy a local workstation-based render farm featuring Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2687W v3 and the Intel® Solid-State Drive DC S3700 Series. These workstations replaced the integrated branding agency’s existing prosumer processor-based systems with true workstations that each offered up to 4x performance improvement. 

Professional Grade Overclocking Delivers Measurable ROI

At BOXX, we pride ourselves on solving problems for the professional market. We accomplish this by designing and engineering custom solutions that enable you to work faster, create more, and experience a real impact on your workflow, all while delivering serious ROI to your bottom line.

To that end, we employ several techniques to extract maximum performance and reliability from today’s technology. It begins with selecting components that deliver peak performance, not bottom-dollar commodity components built by the lowest bidder. These components deliver incremental performance, value, and longevity, paying for themselves through increased productivity and less down time. We then enclose these components in custom-designed, high-performance chassis engineered in-house and manufactured right here in Austin, TX.

Once we’ve integrated high quality components into a high performance chassis, there are numerous ways to push the performance envelope. One of these methods is overclocking. To fully understand the value of overclocking, one must have basic knowledge of a CPU and how it impacts the overall performance profile of a workstation, which is also dependent upon the applications a professional runs.