And the Winner Is . . .

And the Winner Is . . .

By John Vondrak

You wish you had discovered this competition earlier. You have a great concept, but limited resources. The deadline is looming and if you only had more time . . . As someone who has submitted work to film festivals, I feel your pain. The judging of films, videos, or art in general, is a highly subjective endeavor, so as a competitor, you’re never absolutely certain your work will resonate with the powers that be. BOXX Technologies’ “I Want to Break Up With My Workstation” video contest was a brutally competitive affair with a vast assortment of worthy submissions. For the record, the winner was unanimous, appealing to our esteemed panel on a number of levels—most of all, a computer which managed to embody the pathetic desperation of Jack Lemmon’s Shelly Levine in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross. But that’s not all. It killed on all levels. The next seven entries were close behind and all separated by only a handful of votes. In fact, after agreeing upon a “Fine 15” and then whittling it down to ten, we ended up with two ties in our efforts to reach a top five which resulted in another round of voting. It was a tough process, but overall, this competition managed to reinforce something we already knew: there are countless, talented, creative professionals out there in all lines of work who either use BOXX systems, or wish they did. Thank you to all who entered. It was great fun viewing your work. Want to know our biggest takeaway? No matter what type of work you do, slow rendering times are sucking the life out of you. Don’t worry, BOXX is here to help. Expect to see a lot more from us regarding rendering and our dedicated rendering solutions like renderPRO, renderBOXX and ROW: Renderfarm on Wheels. In fact, for the next contest, why not make the top prize a renderPRO?  Hmmm…

If you’ve managed to read this far without jumping to the list of winners, here they are:

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Spring 2015 Workstation Hardware Guide


Configuring the ideal workstation for your specific workflow can be daunting task. That’s why our in-house performance specialists are ready to take your call, providing expert advice and consultation. But if you’re more comfortable browsing our website and determining for yourself which BOXX solution is right for you, we’ve prepared this helpful guide.

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Dassault Systemes Highlights BOXX’s Advanced Engineering Utilizing SolidWorks



Using SOLIDWORKS Premium software, BOXX has continually improved the quality and performance of its systems, which has allowed the company to enjoy year-over-year business growth of 40 percent. “To provide the functionality and performance that our customers demand, we design systems that utilize the fastest and most powerful components, which also run at higher temperatures,” Tim Lawrence, BOXX VP of Engineering and Operations explains. “With SOLIDWORKS software, we’ve introduced design features that provide the reliable performance that our customers need, such as liquid cooling systems, filtered air, multi-GPU capability, and optimization of the pitch of fins on heat sinks,” Lawrence adds. “SOLIDWORKS software lets us be more agile, flexible, and innovative. From an engineering standpoint, we couldn’t do what we do today without SOLIDWORKS software.”


  • Cut development time by more than half
  • Reduced sheet metal fabrication time
  • Eliminated iterative prototyping cycles
  • Supported year-over-year business growth of 40 percent