PBK Architects – A BOXX Customer Story


When leading architecture and engineering firm PBK needed state-of-the-art rendering for their new visualization lab, they chose BOXX

By John Vondrak

Jose Galindo is the Director of the PBK Visualization Lab (or VIZLab as he likes to refer to it), a San Antonio-based illustration and animation group within PBK Architects, a national architecture and engineering solutions leader focused on K-12 school, higher education, healthcare, corporate, and government clients. “The firm has been providing professional planning and design services for more than 34 years and has established a strong reputation for its unique approach to performance-based design and responsive customer service,” says Galindo. “We effectively facilitate a collaborative, consensus-generating design process that produces customized, purpose-specific, building environments which enhance end-user performance. We also maintain strict control of the client’s budget and schedule objectives.” PBK has offices in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and McAllen.

In 2014, when PBK CEO Dan Boggio announced the creation of the VIZLab as an independent group within the firm, it was understood that the new division would be tasked with specific goals, chief among them, providing clients with dynamic, real-time, life-like, project visualizations prior to the start of construction. At its inception, the VIZLab primarily assisted PBK’s Higher Education division (also based in the San Antonio office), but it wasn’t long before that changed. “Now that the group has grown in its capabilities,” says Galindo, “we’re taking on projects sourced from the entire firm. Also, the VIZLab has the capability to work with outside clients on a variety of project types ranging from renderings to augmented reality presentations to mobile application development.”

Galindo has worked in the A/E industry since 2005. Prior to PBK, he owned a small San Antonio illustration firm and had a stint at Jacobs Engineering, the Fortune 500 international technical professional services firm. The other VIZLab team member, visualization specialist Oscar Veloz, is an architecture school graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Veloz began his PBK career as an intern in January of 2014, but transitioned to the VIZLab later that year. Together, Galindo and Veloz have built the VIZLab from the ground up, helping PBK develop stunning new visuals and client presentations.   Continue reading