2015 Winter Hardware Guide

Configuring the ideal workstation for your specific workflow can be daunting task. That’s why our in-house performance specialists are ready to take your call, providing expert advice and consultation. But if you’re more comfortable browsing our website and determining for yourself which BOXX solution is right for you, we’ve prepared this helpful guide. Just fill…


Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Overclocked Skylake Is Ready To Rock

Nearly a decade ago, Intel established a master plan for designing and launching new CPUs. Dubbed “Tick-Tock,” this method laid out a new cadence; new CPU architecture followed by die/fabrication shrinks with the process then repeating itself. The cadence allows Intel to test new fabrication technologies with a proven architecture (Tick,) and then introduce new…


Lanmar Services – A BOXX Customer Story

    Lanmar Services, an Austin, Texas-based architectural firm, specializes in scanning buildings and transforming those scans into 3D models for the world’s leading architectural and engineering firms. Their projects include One World Trade Center, The Sears Tower, The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, The Rose Bowl, and countless other sports stadiums.