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About the Author

From Suffolk, UK, Rachel Berry has been a Datacenter Ecosystem Solution Architect since joining NVIDIA in January 2016. Having never worked for a GPU or hardware vendor before, Berry began her career as an astrophysicist in academia, then became a CAD kernel engineer (Parasolid kernel at Siemens PLM) working on applications such as SOLIDWORKS, Siemens NX, Ansys Workbench, etc. She eventually moved on to hypervisor and VDI engineering including virtualized GPUs at Citrix working on XenDesktop/XenApp and XenServer. Berry’s background and experience is in enterprise software development and (due to her passion and said experience) primarily follows CAD and 3D blogs. We are publishing her article in three parts. Part II and III can be downloaded at the end of Part I.

The great “APIs, GPUs, and drivers: CAD graphical conspiracy” Part I

A few weeks ago I saw a new post from Ed Lopategui at GrabCAD (I’ve blogged about them before – awesome company!) a 3D-printing/CAD company entitled “APIs, GPUs, and drivers: CAD graphical conspiracy?“. Ed’s customers are often the same customers the GRID GPUs and virtualization technologies I work on are designed to suit—professional graphics fit for enterprise run from the Cloud/Datacenter on mobile devices powered by GPUs in the server. Ed is also someone I once was or would have been if career paths had been different. We also share a lot of the same “upbringing” in CAD (as well as previous employers). I think Ed and I probably share the same insight into how stringent the requirements and high the expectations from software are on tier 1 CAD suppliers from their customers in high-end automotive and aerospace. I’d like to think I knew exactly what Ed’s customers would demand in terms of support, reliability, and traceable process, as well as product quality and testing, to risk putting a supplier’s product within their environment, so it was very interesting to read Ed’s take on GPU pricing. Continue reading