P5000 and P6000 Now Available in select BOXX Workstations

BOXX is pleased to announce the availability of APEXX workstations equipped with Quadro® P5000 and P6000 GPUs powered by NVIDIA’s  Pascal™ GPU technology. Whether you’re developing revolutionary products, telling spectacularly vivid visual stories, designing groundbreaking architecture, or creating the most lifelike, immersive virtual experiences, BOXX workstations powered by NVIDIA Quadro gives you the performance to do it brilliantly.

The DEVELOP3D Review: BOXX APEXX 2 + BOXX renderPRO 2

Ray trace rendering is arguably the most computationally intensive process in any product development workflow. It is highly multi-threaded so it absolutely hammers all of a workstation’s CPU cores. It is also extremely scalable, so doubling the number of cores can, in many cases, halve the render time. CAD software is very different in that…


AEC Magazine Review: BOXX APEXX 2 + renderPRO 2

By dedicating a high GHz workstation to CAD and a dual Xeon box to rendering, designers can have optimised hardware for both processes. The workflow benefits can be huge, but the package doesn’t come cheap, writes Greg Corke. Ray trace rendering is arguably the most computationally intensive process in any architectural design workflow. It is…


What Professionals Need To Know About VR Workstations

Virtual Reality for the creative professional is an exciting new opportunity to explore the boundaries of interactive story telling. In addition, virtual reality is being used in industries outside of media and entertainment, while still requiring the tools that VFX artists are used to using. The common thread is that immersive 3D content is gearing…


Old and Busted vs. New Hotness: What Do The Benchmarks Tell Us?

Staying Power Longtime BOXX customers have come to enjoy a level of performance and reliability that they haven’t received from other vendors. We’re proud that the average life of a BOXX system is around seven years – and most are only set aside for faster models. A couple of years ago we did a contest…