SolidWorks 2017 comes with new tricks and new options

The latest SolidWorks has a little something for everybody, but mostly CEO Gian Paolo Bassi works hard to keep everyone happy.

bassi_sw17-300x225Dassault Systèmes rolled out the latest version of SolidWorks with a live stream and event for users, press, and analysts. Clued-in users were not surprised by much in the announcement, since SolidWorks has been walking their base through the changes to come for some time. In general CAD users hate big surprises.

But, whether they like it or not big waves of change have been transforming the CAD industry for the last five years. And, during times of change loyalties may shift. The users are up for grabs especially because CAD is becoming integrated into production and encompasses more functions than ever before. If the CAD model is to truly be the digital twin of the products it is describing, it has to have information about all aspects of the design.

SolidWorks claims more than 3.1 million users, which includes education. Dassault Systèmes is also claiming around 3 million registered users for its DraftSight drafting tool, which they now say is getting a user base of its own and not just as an alternative to AutoCAD.

As for SolidWorks itself, the company has, as always, focused on usability with more little tweaks to features like context-aware tool tips, improvements to breadcrumbs, and alerts for problems in the models that highlight the actual problem so users can go straight in and fix it. It has enhanced support for large assemblies, magnetic mates and improved tools for chamfers, fillets, and holes.

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P5000 and P6000 Now Available in select BOXX Workstations


BOXX is pleased to announce the availability of APEXX workstations equipped with Quadro® P5000 and P6000 GPUs powered by NVIDIA’s  Pascal™ GPU technology. Whether you’re developing revolutionary products, telling spectacularly vivid visual stories, designing groundbreaking architecture, or creating the most lifelike, immersive virtual experiences, BOXX workstations powered by NVIDIA Quadro gives you the performance to do it brilliantly. Continue reading

Engineered with SOLIDWORKS for SOLIDWORKS Users

As a 3D CAD engineer or product designer, SOLIDWORKS enables you to transform ideas into new, innovative products. No one know understands this better than BOXX Technologies’ engineering team, the elite professionals who rely on the CAD application to design custom chassis for all of our APEXX workstations and one-of-a-kind renderBOXX and renderPRO dedicated rendering systems. These enclosures, manufactured in the USA, require precise design in order to accommodate features like overclocked or dual processors, liquid cooling, SSDs, multiple GPUs, and more.

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How to Configure Your SOLIDWORKS Workstation


Your guide to Processors, Solid State Drives, Graphics, Memory, & More. 

If you’re in the market for a SOLIDWORKS workstation, you should begin by asking three basic questions about your workflow:

  1. How big are my assemblies?
  2. How many geometric surfaces do I have?
  3. How complex are my parts files?

> Based upon your responses, you can begin to formulate a plan.

Start with Core(s)
Selecting the number of processing cores in your workstation is critical. SOLIDWORKS is a frequency bound application (meaning that it predominantly uses only one core). Since the frequency of that core determines performance more than any other variable, a workstation with less cores (but higher frequency) is ideal. If you’re running only SOLIDWORKS and absolutely nothing else, you could actually get by with as little as two cores. But realistically, since you have an OS, you’ll need two cores dedicated to the OS and two to run SOLIDWORKS.

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Dassault Systemes Highlights BOXX’s Advanced Engineering Utilizing SolidWorks



Using SOLIDWORKS Premium software, BOXX has continually improved the quality and performance of its systems, which has allowed the company to enjoy year-over-year business growth of 40 percent. “To provide the functionality and performance that our customers demand, we design systems that utilize the fastest and most powerful components, which also run at higher temperatures,” Tim Lawrence, BOXX VP of Engineering and Operations explains. “With SOLIDWORKS software, we’ve introduced design features that provide the reliable performance that our customers need, such as liquid cooling systems, filtered air, multi-GPU capability, and optimization of the pitch of fins on heat sinks,” Lawrence adds. “SOLIDWORKS software lets us be more agile, flexible, and innovative. From an engineering standpoint, we couldn’t do what we do today without SOLIDWORKS software.”


  • Cut development time by more than half
  • Reduced sheet metal fabrication time
  • Eliminated iterative prototyping cycles
  • Supported year-over-year business growth of 40 percent